Directorate of Internal Auditing Unit

Directorate of Internal Auditing Unit

a) In addition to providing consultancy and guidance, to analyze whether the sources of the Ministry are managed in accordance with the principles of economy, efficiency and effectivity based on objective risk analyses.

b) To evaluate the Ministry’s risk management, internal control and organizational management processes in terms of efficiency and effectivity,

c) To constitute and improve the internal auditing plans and programmes based on risk analyses,

ç) To carry out auditing and consultancy activities; to fulfill the non-scheduled duties requested by the Senior Managers and that are deemed to be within its field of activity,

d) To review the internal auditing regulation periodically, where deemed necessary, where the operation and management of the Ministry, along with the other principles and procedures concerning the internal auditing activities, are determined,

e) To inform the Senior Manager regularly concerning the activities of the Ministry,

f) To retain a copy of the auditing reports in the premises of the Ministry,

g) To carry out other processes concerning the internal auditing activities and Internal Auditors.